Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear Little Goober,

Hi baby *waves*! I just wanted to tell you how excited your dad and I are about you. We found out you were going to be joining us about a week ago. You should be arriving around the 6th of May, I hope you make it before Mother's Day. I would love to have you in my arms to celebrate Mother's Day. :) Its kind of crazy, I was supposed to be born on Mother's Day too, but I came early. Maybe you will come a week early and we can share a birthday. We told both sets of grandparents about you, and they are all very excited too. Our 1st appointment with the midwives is October 26th. We will be 12wks4days then. I'll have to have some blood tests done, but the most exciting part is we should be able to hear your heartbeat. That will be such a comforting sound. You have been being nice to mommy so far, not making me sick. I think Peanut and Bandy know something is up because they have been acting different lately. Your dad is painting your nursery now, I'm excited to decide how to decorate it. I want to add lots of color in the decorations. I hope you'll love color as much as I do. Once again daddy and I are just so excited God has blessed us with you, we can't wait to meet you in May.

All my love,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Joys of a Hyundai Accent

Tonight I want to write about the joys of owning a 20o2 Hyundai Accent. Recently my wife and I have had to put new tires on it, replace the timing belt, ac belt, rear struts, alternator twice, and the list seams to continue. It seams like if you own one of these cars and you have any problems ask me, I have probably have faced it. As frustrating as owning this car has been, it has added some real memorable moments in our life.

For instance after my wife and I returned from our trip the car didn't start. We called some friends and now I know they are the meaning of the best friends! These friends drove an hour to come and help us out! Lets just say several trips back and forth through the geto got it fixed up! Thanks friends!

Friday, December 25, 2009


The joys of family are to immense to count. On my wife's and I first Christmas, together as a married couple, and away from family, we found out how tough it is to be away from family. We did our best to mix and match the different family traditions and make our own, but it is definitely tough being out on your own. We both have missed our family, but let me tell you a great way to get a little fix. SKYPE! What a great use of technology, keeping families together via video chatting for free! Looking for gift idea's try a video camera to skype with family members! That is a great way to get a little of the family joys for the holidays when you can not be with your love ones! Love you family!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today I am on the road for work. Lately I have been having to make several trips to the company headquarters. The trip is typically a long boring and not the most enjoyable parts of my job. Today I was very impressed and their ability that allowed me to help enjoy the small things in life.

My coworker was talking about how much he loves coaching on his sons basketball team. Typically a job a lot of parents do not want to do, just if solely the fact they are so busy already. My coworker talks about the joy of seeing the kids enjoy learning how to play basketball and his son is really excited that he is doing it. Besides the kids he explained there is just something about being in the gym that he just really loves.

As I see it, he has it right. If we can all be spending a little time doing something that we love and at the same time can be doing something to give back to the world. Not all of us can coach sports but maybe cook food for others, and build something, or just be there to talk with someone. No matter what you enjoy doing, find some way to do those things in all aspects of your life!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From the Hartman

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. I felt that recently in my heart to write a blog about the worlds many joys and how it is the simple things that I enjoy in my life. With all the trials that we all face in our day to day journeys I feel that it is important to love what we are doing and enjoy the simple blessings.

I look forward to sharing the thoughts from my heart.

The Hart man